Welcome to Sure Shot Vizslas Tidbits page where you never know what you will find interesting here. 
Anything from photos, videos, and just love for the Vizsla. 

January 2022 we had a gal make us a tumbler so we can be sporting that around
to promote our wonderful Vizslas.

 Aug 2021 Remsen, Iowa had a Demolition Derby and even though it was not our car a driver put 
Sure Shot Vizslas on it!!
We spent a great night surrounded by good people, kids and grand kids. 
Everyone enjoyed the show. 

I found these photos of tattoos on social media, although I am not going to rush out myself and go get them
I just thought what a wonderful display of love for the Vizsla

I’ve heard so much hype about these that I finally bought them. 
We bought all 3 sizes as we own horses too. 
The small one I think works better on the legs and the medium works great on the back. 
You can find them also on Amazon
Sleek Ez

Remi x Trigger pup