Meet Tater

She is AKC registered
Justice For All 
Tater was fixed September 2023

Below are links to see both sides of the pedigree
Sire Pedigree x Dam Pedigree

Tater is very much a welcomed family member.  
Up until Summer of 2021 she was the baby of the group and has been spoiled like crazy.
  We look forward to watching her grow and develop. 
We are very excited about her as I love her sire’s side of the pedigree known as the male line.  

There are some very great dogs behind her Sire such as 
Am Gr/Can/Mex/Int/Americas/World Ch Renaissance Lord Of Th’Dance SH VC ROM who is just one of them.  
and her dam has one of Jim Busch’s well known field dogs “O Mega” from Buschs Vizslas behind her. 
Am FC AFC Upwind Shiloh Mark of Zorro plus 
Am DC AFC Lakeside Luke Skywalker MH ROM 
Not to mention all the hunting titles on both sides of the pedigree including all the ROM and HOF behind her. 

I can’t wait to see what Trigger and her will produce as I think those two bred together may just produce our 1st bred by. 
Obviously, at this point this is just a goal for the future, but to me this is a very bright future. 

Just thinking out loud, it would be cute when she later has pups to call them Tater Tots- Tater Chips, Tater Soup,
Tater Salad, you get the drift. 

What a unique name this girl has and omg it so matches her personality.  
In addition to her name her personality shines through as she is the bouncy, clingy, fun, energetic, zooming, kissy, in your lap, next to your face when you sleep, in your space, in your tub,  jumping, pouncing, spinning, and just loves everyone.  She is so living her best life. 
She knows her place is right next to me as I am so in love with this girl. 

On her many hunting adventures we have found she likes water and can contain herself around it. 

She likes to hunt flies in the house and outside.  She is always on sneaks up on you mode, point and then pounce!
Tater also likes to chase birds, flies, butterflies, balls, and pretty much anything that moves. 

She is in love with people and thinks all people are her people. 
If you put her away when someone comes over she will bark until let out because she can’t contain herself. 
Everyone just loves her! 

Tater November 2021 
Opening day in Iowa of pheasant hunting.

I so love the video of Tater, it just brings a smile every time I watch it.