Meet Remi

Registered name: Second Amendment
Below are links to see both sides of the pedigree. 

Remi was our first Vizsla litter which was born here at our home. 
This litter was very much a learning experience from using an outside stud and tail docking.
If I could change it I would of used a different Sire but we were limited within a time frame to find one and multiple breeders near our location already had males that were related to Remi’s Mom.  
Due to the litter being born on Labor Day weekend the only vet open did an improper tail dock which made the tails way to short. 

In the litter we kept the troublemaker puppy and now with Trigger only weeks apart in age together those two are double trouble. 
When left alone together, its what can we get into?   These two conquer the world together. 

Personality wise Remi is loving, mellow, listens to commands, in your pocket, can’t go the bathroom without her,
in your bed, she’s in your lap,
loves watching tv like she’s a person. 
She is quick learner and picks up commands much quicker than the rest of dogs.  
She usually is right next to you while hunting and Jersey and Trigger are always yards ahead.   
Our youngest son has been known to take her to his place when we are away and gives her a dog’s day out. 

Usually this consists of going to his place and watching tv, laying in the bed, going for a walk into town,
visiting his friends, taking a car ride, getting ice cream at Dairy Queen.  
She is a true Velcro dog!!

We have kept in contact with some of her siblings and we will be adding photos later of them, some of them you can
already see on the Puppies page. 
Her sister Whiskey has her own Instagram page. 

We have tons more photos of Remi during her growing up.
I am just in the process of getting them off of Google photos, saving them and getting on them uploaded on here.  
Remi is always in a photo with one of the kids, always in the field with the family hunting or looking for something to point at or laying on the couch with one of us, this girl is attached to the hip!