Meet Purdy

Pedigree Sire x Pedigree Dam
She is out Jersey

What I love about this pedigree there are some really nice dogs behind the sire
*Nat/Int/Hnr/Vet/SV Ch Hnr/Vet/SV ChB SV ChS, Am NFC NGDC FC AFC (AF)NAFC (AF)Ch Lundy’s Red Bull (Bull)
*NFC NAFC Am DC AFC (AF)NCh Ch Ck Touchdown Guy
*NGDC NAFC NVA NFC Am DC AFC MVSDCh Crimson’s Twenty Gauge Ruger
Of course there is hunting and other show titled dogs behind him too but these stand out.

Purdy was only 9 weeks old at the time of bottom photos. 
New photos and additional information will be added shortly. 

Purdy is a very spunky girl, she is outgoing and afraid of nothing. 
She is the one that greets you 1st at the door, she is the one that wants everything to do with you. 
She wants to be your shadow at the stove, jumps in the tub with you when you are taking a bath because it must be social bath time LOL.
Her idea of a perfect day is with you! 

She likes toys, she has the love for toys more than any other dog here. 
For a pointer I think she learned “Fetch” as a primary instinct as I think she should of been labeled as a “Retriever” 
This works great in the field because not only does she point she brings the birds back to you and drops them at your feet.
Hunting is a game to her, she is excited to be apart of it.
She enjoys the mud between her toes, jumping in the creek and stands in the wind sniffing. 

Since she was a summer baby she also loves water, she loves playing in the lake and creek and her experience with water has made hunting with her enjoyable!