Meet Jersey

AKC Registered
DOB 03/18/2019
Registered name: Stick to your guns

I have tried multiple times to write this and what am I to say about this girl.
Saying how much I love this girl is so understated, she is my whole world. 
We go to bed together and where you find me, you find her.  She is only a few steps behind me at all times.  
Jersey is about 22″ tall and weights 37 pounds which is small for a Vizsla girl.  

She is a family member in our eyes and does everything with the whole family, loved by kids and grand kids and enjoyed by anyone who stops by as she is always velcroed to you.  True meaning of “Velcro Dog” 
She insists on being attached to you as you can’t go anywhere with you. 

Going to McDonalds, she tags along and for a treat and gets fries, at the bank she gets a biscuit, Jeep rides, river adventures, fishing, hunting, swimming, playing with her favorite toy duck.  Sleeping on the bed, hogging the blankets, sitting in your spot on the couch, next to tub when you shower, 1st one to hear someone is here!!  Tells on the kids when they come sneaking in.
She even rides shot gun in our Mustang convertible with the top down. 
We got a video with her with the top down and her ears flopping, later we will be adding a video to this page.  
We couldn’t ask for a better companion. 
Besides her being such a great dog she has produced 2 litters of puppies both with outside males because Trigger was not old enough at the time.  
Her first litter she produce a girl named Remi and her second litter she had a girl named Purdy.  
Both girls you can find under the Females tab and then to their individual pages.  
After having complications on her 2nd litter, emergency c-section and life saving measures
we made the choice after she weaned her puppies to have her fixed in July of 2021.
It made sense to do the right thing for her.  Dog first, breeder second. 
I wouldn’t know what to do if I ever lost this girl so it was not even a option to put her first.  

Jersey being the great cookie thief.  
I was wondering where the peanut butter cookies were going?