All the photos on our website are of our own dogs, dogs that we had before, in our possession or owned by us.

You do not have permission to you use my photos. 

We do host images of past puppies/dogs that are no longer in our possession and photos supplied by other breeders that we have permission to post. 
Photographs that are taken by us, we have obtained permission to use those images on our website.
Photographs taken by owners of our dogs, we have also obtained permission to host these images.
We use them solely to show and educated the public and retain no rights to the dogs.

Unfortunately from time to time, people may come to a disagreement as to the proper use of a photograph and we aim to please all of our puppy buyers and will promise to keep with the practice of using such property granted to us in a respectful way until such time as we are asked in writing to remove the image or content.

We do ask for 72 hours up to two weeks for us to have images or content removed.

On, my site I include links I will not assume any responsibility for the content of these websites. Additionally, in regards to medical, registration, classified ads, dog food, or other Vizsla sites including breeder links, I have not investigated and/or qualified these any organizations.
You will need to perform your own check on these organizations, use them at your own risk.
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Currently, our house is closed to visitors due to the recent outbreak of the Canine Influenza Virus, which is currently sweeping across the country as well as COVID 19.
It can be brought in by shoes, clothes, hands, tires on the vehicle.
Our dogs mean the world to us and because of that you are not allowed here to pick out your puppy and return back. 
We supply photos and videos of the puppies, photos of the parents and pedigrees and some times video chat.
Puppies without a full series of vaccinations are more susceptible to parvo and we are not putting them at risk as well.   
I have decided to do this because we have had no incidence of this virus here.  We vaccinate our dogs with Neopar which is the best Parvo medicine out there!  Please if picking out a puppy in person means so much over the health of your possible puppy, by all means, finds somewhere else to get a puppy from.  We love our puppies!

I have several images of puppies I have produced and enjoy having them on public display for you to see. I do retain copyright to those images I have taken but will do my best to use pictures of those puppies in such a way that neither breeder nor owners are violated. I will from time to time put pictures of past puppies up on my website as an example of my breeding program, should you have an issue with this please discuss that with us immediately, and we will remove them upon request. I will ask you to provide for me, copyright disclosure for legal purposes if you allow me to use either image or email on my website.

By sending emails or letters any/all material enclosed such as letters, notes, suggestions and photos such as digital or hard copies you are agreeing that they are now my property and I am able to use them at my discretion and are subject to be used on any or all pages of my website at no charge to me.

I try to update my website as often as possible, but with children and busy life at times, it is hard. Some puppies/adult dogs might be sold.
If you are interested email me regarding the puppy/dog that you might be interested in this way you know for sure the puppy that you are wanting is not already taken.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

If you are interested in one of the puppies please go to Policies- It has a drop-down box and read Deposits, Shipping, Purchase Agreement and all other contents on the website before sending a deposit.   Please carefully read all the information about our puppies as we want you to understand all the information about purchasing a puppy and all the information about the puppies here at our home.

Also by placing a non-refundable deposit down you also agree to all terms about our Policies, Deposits and all terms of the Purchase Agreement.

** We reserve the right to sell or refuse to sell our puppies, adult dogs, products and provide services to any person for any reason at any time, even if you put a deposit down, with no questions asked.**