Non-refundable deposit – a deposit used to describe money that you pay that you cannot get back for any reason what so ever. 
This term Non-refundable deposit to us is the same thing in our book as a Non-refundable puppy hold and Non-refundable holding fee.

Term: Non-refundable Holding Fee is a non-refundable deposit on a puppy that does not exist.
All types of the deposit will not be refunded if you change your mind for ANY reason!

Half down is the minimum requirement for any puppy/dog to hold or hold a puppy in the future for you. 

When you place a non-refundable deposit/non-refundable puppy hold down or payment in full you also agree to all terms about Policies, Deposits, Getting Your Puppy and also agree to all terms of the Purchase Agreement.

If you don’t understand how a policy works please complete the form on the Contact Us page or email: [email protected]

*PLEASE NOTE: Once you place your non refundable deposit no matter what form of payment is received, you enter into a legal/binding deposit contract per this page no matter if signed or not with Sure Shot Vizsla for the purchase of your Vizsla puppy.  All policies and stipulations on this website apply to the deposit contract. Failure of the purchaser to purchase their puppy or failure to accept the provision to accept a future puppy is forfeiture and stipulates the deposit as nonrefundable, in order to compensate the cost and lost of liquidated damages (LDC.) Thus, in the event of cancellation by the Purchaser, the deposit shall be forfeited by purchaser and paid to the breeder as liquidated damages and not as a penalty. Purchaser and breeder both agree that such amount is reasonable.
By sending a non-refundable deposit/non-refundable puppy hold you agree to all terms of the deposits on this page.

If you change your mind
Cancellation of the puppy for changing your mind “not the fault of the breeder” concerning the sale of the puppy, will be of forfeiture.
No refunds will be granted. “Not the fault of the breeder” situations are the like situations as follows, but not limited to: You have changed your mind on the puppy and no longer want it, the puppy has been examined by a board-certified Veterinarian and accessed as healthy, yet you no longer desire it, etc., and situations arising that are not the responsibility of the breeder. Please keep in mind what the breeder does for you to prepare your puppy. The breeder takes care of your puppy every day until it is ready at 8 weeks. The deposit is used for medical expenses including prenatal care, neutering/spaying, vaccines, de-worming, etc. costs of nutritional supplements and excellent quality food both, wet and dry forms. Your deposit holds your puppy exclusively for you. So please understand, if you change your mind or you are unable to fulfill your commitment of obligation to purchase the puppy, that there have been many other people who have inquired about your puppy, to which the breeder could have sold the puppy to. The breeder will suffer losses that are difficult to ascertain, if you cancel your puppy purchase or because you could not fulfill your deposit agreement and will be a breach of the deposit contract. Therefore, all deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and are simply a business principle to protect the breeder from the cost and loss of liquidated damages (LDC).

Absolutely NO holding of puppies/dogs
There is no holding of a puppy after 8 weeks of age unless there is a weather-related issue. 
We will only hold a puppy if agreed upon by both breeder and buyers.
The price of the puppy/dog is to be paid before picking up or shipping of any puppy.
If the puppy is for sale and older than 8 weeks of age, you will have up to 2 weeks to pay shipping or all funds will be forfeited to the breeder.
If you are purchasing a puppy 6 months or adult Vizsla you have up to 2 weeks to pay shipping or all funds will be forfeited to the breeder.
We are not in the business of holding puppies or adult Vizslas we are not a boarding facility.
If we hold them for an agreeable time frame it will be agreed upon and will be placed in a contract.

In the event that I (Sure Shot Vizslas) decided to give you a refund, it will be paid back at the rate of $100.00 per month until the agreed amount is paid back. We are just like any other and we have overhead.
By sending a non-refundable deposit/puppy hold you also agree to this term and condition.

Other Shipping
Shipping is not being offered at this time however there is a company called 
Pets On The Fly who we are not affiliated with that can get your puppy from our airport to your airport. 
There is a fee for us to deliver the puppy to the airport that is NOT included in the purchase price. 

If ground transportation is used at your choice we have the right to turn away the Third Party shipper for any reason with no recourse.  

Payments accepted

No fees assessed to you by sending payment of any form will come off the purchase price of our puppies.
Please ask what payment types we accept and make sure they are acceptable before sending payment.
Please speak to us about sending a deposit prior to just sending one.
We have a couple of options to send deposits or payments in full.
Final payment must be paid in full by 7 weeks or agreed upon prior to pick up.
We have limited cell phone signal so sending us money at time of pick up is not always possible. 
All those picking up at our home should add 7% sales tax.  We pay income tax on the purchase price)
Male Price After Tax Price $2,140.00 -Female Price After Tax $2,657.00

Wells Fargo (Secure, Fast Way!)
If you have Wells Fargo account you can go to any Wells Fargo and ask to purchase a Cashiers Check from Wells Fargo.
The cost is currently $10.00 
You would have to pull cash from your account or bring cash and purchase a Wells Fargo cashiers check.
You then are able to hand over the cashiers check to the cashier and have them apply it into my account with the account # that I supply you.
You will get proof of cashiers check from the teller.
Cashiers Check from your bank.
With a cashiers check there is no limit on how little or how much money you are able to put in there.
I supply you the account #________________ to our account as well as our name on the account.
Great part it’s done in minutes! You get a receipt for your records from Wells Fargo.
It takes about a half-day to actually go from pending status but we can actually see it in minutes from you placing it in there.
If you put it on the weekend usually we usually see it within 2 business days. 
I give you a confirmation email, text or call back letting you know it is in there.
Usually followed within 48 hours of it being in there.

Using Zelle
Do not put deposit, dog or puppy as it will get flagged.
Just put “Best Friend” as you know, dogs are mans best friend.
If you must put sex “F” for female and “B” for boy.
Zelle is available through most banks, not all banks. 
You will need the account information but you can only send up to $2500 per day so you might depend on the puppy, send the purchase price one day and the shipping price the next day.
Limits, some times limits are set via your bank and you only be able to send a certain amount per day.   
I have seen where some can only send $500 per day which means each day they send me money until paid, which takes a bit but usually neither party minds.
I have had a person send $500 out of a checking account and then $500 out of the savings account and the next day again the same way.
We have also seen where once you have sent $ to us that the next time the limits have been removed. 
This is just to make sure the transaction is not done in error. 

What information will I need?
You may need the email address that I have on file with my bank which is (Please ask) and my cell phone #
It is not the same as email used on our website.  It must match! 

Are there any fees to send money using Zelle?
Zelle doesn’t charge a fee to send or receive money.
It does say on their website sometimes if you are newly enrolled that it might take up to 3 business days.
So, if you are even thinking about getting a Vizsla puppy I would go ahead and enroll now and do at least one transaction prior to sending money no matter if you get a puppy from me or another breeder.

*Recently, I’ve had a person try to send me money and there was a fraud alert, doesn’t mean it’s a fraud on either end. Usually, your bank has measures put in place to make sure that this transaction is a transaction that you are making and someone else didn’t get your bank information.  In this case, they usually send you a text message sent to your phone to verify that you are wanting to make this transaction.
It’s easy as saying yes in most cases. 
I have also seen this type of thing lately through Zelle and other Cash type apps, more and more this is becoming a new thing. 
I just want you to be aware. 

Venmo me the money is the new saying, the new App. 
You will need some personal information to send this money so please let me know you are sending it so I can give you that information. 

Please do not assume it is the website email as it is hooked to a personal bank account. 
I can provide the correct email address needed that is attached to my Venmo. 
We even have a QR code that we can send you so you know you got the right person. 
1. When it asks you What’s it For?
Do not put deposit, dog or puppy as it will get flagged.
Just put “Best Friend” as you know, dogs are mans best friend. 
If you must put sex “F” for female and “B” for boy.
2.  Once you put pay it will bring you to another screen, 
“Turn on for purchases” you must leave that alone!  
Puppies are not Goods & Services and Purchase Protection must not be turned on.
If you turn this on, we will get a notification.  It’s called tagging a purchase. 
By doing this.  The seller pays a small fee of 1.9% + $0.10 of the transaction.  
If you do this, your money will be returned immediately minus the fee that Venmo charged us, proof via screenshot will be sent to you.
It MUST stay “Between Friends”. 

Why not Purchase Protection or Goods and Services? 
First, lets say you want to buy a female puppy $2500 and a 1/2 down non refundable deposit of $1250 is required to hold said puppy.  
You send $1250 but Venmo will take $23.85 from that amount so you would be sending $1226.15 to me not the $1250.00 on top of that you later send the remaining amount of $1250 subtract another fee of $23.85 making it a total of $47.70 that has came out of the money owed.  
Second with Purchase Protection you can dispute your purchase for 180 days (6 months) from the date that money was sent.  What if that puppy was a chewer, didn’t potty train quick enough, maybe work schedule conflict, just too much to handle whatever the reason may be.  All it would take is a dispute.  They would have the puppy plus the money and our family would be out for whatever reason they give. 
I am NOT allowing that to happen.  

Venmo is very easy to use and there is no 4% fee like Paypal but it is owned by the same company like Paypal.  Venmo 
It takes literally minutes to download the app to your smart phone and set up an account. 
You are able to link your banking information to it, checking and debit card. 
Within in minutes from sending payment, it will pop up a notification on my phone through Venmo and it is that easy. 
Venmo does have a spending limit this is a MUST KNOW!
You’re limited to $299.99 per week unless you verify your identity by linking your Facebook account or adding your ZIP code, last four digits of your SSN, and birthdate, which ups your limit to $2,999.99
In some cases, you may have to wait a week to send more money. 

You will also get a confirmation of what has been paid.

We do NOT take the following:
Western Union
Bank Money Orders, any other type of Money Orders
Walmart Money Gram Orders (It’s the Money Order one through Walmart)
Cashier Checks unless it is taken to a Wells Fargo and placed into the Wells Fargo account see #1
Personal Checks (unless agreed upon at deposit and not for final payment)
Business Checks
PayPal ( I don’t even have a Paypal account) Don’t ask me to get one will not happen!

What if something happens to my puppy prior to shipping/receiving ? 
If you put a non refundable deposit on a puppy/dog and something happens prior to the puppy leaving, the money will not refunded just replacement only. 
For an example, the puppy displays show signs of any other health issue, some times newborn puppies do pass away due to many reasons including mom’s laying on them or they just don’t make it, this does happen often just examples and covering what if’s. There is no refund of the purchase price! This is a replacement guarantee only.
The breeder reserves the right to a possible waiting time of 1 year or more to make the replacement, as puppies are not always available.
The replacement puppy will be of the same quality, sex and color originally purchased unless agreed otherwise and is at the discretion of the breeder.
The replacement puppy will be selected by the breeder from the next available litter.

Our Right to Refuse
We have the right to refuse a sale to any puppies/dogs or provide services to any person at any time for any reason even if you have placed a deposit on a puppy/dog or payment in full.
Some of the reasons for this are to include but not limited to.
Puppy didn’t clear health certificate, do not think the puppy is ready to go, health issues, attachment issues, decided we want to keep.
Including if we start talking to you more and we are not feeling comfortable with the sale, feel like there are red flags, or have an uneasy feeling.
Including finding information that was not disclosed prior to the sale or during the sale process, like you say you have two dogs and you have 10, etc..
If for some reason you become unrealistic with timelines, schedules for shipping and will not work with us for any reason.
If you became vocal, rude, rude comments, or your tone of voice/actions which makes me feel that we can’t do business together.
For any reason, we decided to not sell you a puppy or dog your deposit or payment in full will be returned to you.
If you put down a non-refundable deposit on a puppy already born or payment in full your money will be returned to you once the puppy has been resold. This may take weeks or months, but as soon as it is done it will be returned. If you purchased an adult, the money will be returned to you within 12 weeks from our written notice to you that we will be returning your money.
We reserve the right to sell or refuse to sell our puppies, adult dogs, products and provide services to any person for any reason at any time, even if you put a deposit down or payment in full, with no questions asked. (NOTE: We have never done this, but just incase!)

Puppies here after 8 weeks of age and deposits/shipping
If the puppy or dog is still here after they are 8 weeks of age and they are for sale, you will need to put a non-refundable deposit of at least half down to hold the puppy or dog. The rest of the puppy or dog purchase price including shipping is due within 2 weeks. If for ANY reason the Buyer does not complete the purchase before the 2 weeks is up, all money placed on the puppy will not be refunded or transferred to a different litter or another puppy or dog. Any and all funds paid on the puppy or dog is then forfeited to the Breeder. There is no holding the puppy or dog after the 2-week date unless agreed upon.