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Yes, we do have puppies available!

My name is Aimee and I own a few very cherished Vizslas on the outskirts of town where there are corn fields all around us and you will see pheasants and ducks bedding down during the seasons.

Our dogs are part of our whole family, they are loved and cherished by all that come and visit. 
You will see them with our friends and family getting belly rubs and back scratches and hear a few say, “you want to come home with me?”

For the most part, you will find our dogs soaking up the sun on the floor, laying on the couch or enjoying being stretched out on the bed.

Our dogs do not for want anything, from nice comfy beds to endless amounts of balls and toys.   

The dogs are AKC registered, Microchipped and the Dad to the puppies, Trigger is also has a Chic# for all the health testing he has done.

Up until November 2022 our dogs were avidly used for hunting and our past time consisted of going hunting with my children and grandchildren.
In 2022 I left my ex husband and that lifestyle and nowadays, the dogs enjoy the life of being a loyal companion, couch potatoes and being to run free in the corn and bean fields when they are empty. 

Years ago, the ex and I originally started out with Jersey, she failed at hunting.
Laughing hard here, she would rather be laying in the bed, on the couch next to Mom, following you room by room, going on adventures out in the fields, taking joy rides in the car with the top down than go hunting. Yep, I had a weenie dog! Jersey didn’t like the cold or any part of hunting at all. 
Don’t get me wrong she would hunt but rather be inside. 
What a goofy girl she was, all seat belted in, dog goggles, ears flopping in the wind and sniffing everything we passed.  What a dog’s life, right!
Jersey did have a litter of puppies and we did keep a daughter out of her.

I bought our male Trigger from what I believed was one of the top males in the USA at that time.
I didn’t just go get any male for breeding, I was extremely picky when it came to finding the right one. 
From being on a waiting list, to picking him out and going over the whole litter one by one with a professional breeder and handler.   

The plan was to start showing him once he became 6 months old, but Covid 19 hit and all shows closed for a long while.
In 2021 Covid was still canceling dog shows.  
So, we did what we thought was best for Trigger and started working with him on obedience in hopes that one day he will have a CGC behind his name and he will soon be a therapy dog.
In 2022 Trigger was Health Tested to the 9th, he obtained his Chic # as well as did more additional testing.  We currently use Trigger for stud.
The goal is to get some really nice dogs for me to show and breed in hopes to produce our own bred by’s and to have dogs to hunt with, but most importantly to have them as companions. 

Anyone who knows about Vizsla’s understands the statement of them being a true family dog who almost like velcro,”Velcro Dog” aka Vizsla.
Our crew definitely fits the bill of being velcro dogs. 

Our dogs greet you at the door and they tell you when anyone pulls into the driveway.  

Tater is usually doing flips and high jumps when she meets you and Trigger is usually laying by your chair waiting his turn.
When you walk in the door, the dogs think you are coming to see them and not us and think that they met their new best friend and can not help themselves to kissing you, loving on you and wanting a pet. 

Our puppies have wonderful parents, they are part of our family until they leave.
By adding one of our Vizsla babies you become family, we look forward to helping you find that perfect one that meets your needs.

Hunting with family